5 Signs Your Identity and Access Management System isn’t Working at its Best

Almost in every company, cybersecurity program loopholes fall apart slowly instead everything falling down in a single collapse. Determining the early warning signs and addressing them in the customer identity management is essential so that you can take necessary actions accordingly.

  1. Incomplete technology coverage

When you add new technology to your company, your personnel becomes more productive. But there is also a dark side to it, your past IAM processes may not be able to respond to the challenges. For instance, your monitoring tools may not have a SaaS product. Or container technology, where you may have the necessary technology to improve productivity. But, if you fail to apply IAM controls to the technology then you are exposing yourself to the hackers. As a matter of fact, someone may have control over an employee account and may mess things up if the risks aren’t controlled.

  1. Cybersecurity risks are increasing

Almost every company with an important public profile is expected to be hacked. The essential question here is if those attacks are successful and what damage do they leave. If your company has to inform the customers of a significant security incident within a year, then your cybersecurity program is not effective yet.

  1. The employees complain about security issues

To an extent, you may always face some staff complain about cybersecurity. For analyzing these comments, you need to seek a specific pattern. If the staff complains about the time it takes to accomplish the cybersecurity tasks like password resets, then you may have some serious issues to work on. When the staff deems cybersecurity as a time consuming work, the odds of them avoiding these tasks are very much great.

  1. The employee cybersecurity program has turned obsolete

The cybersecurity aspect of every company must be updated on a regular basis. With no such updates, your staff may have to make some smart decisions like if they should open the mail or not, or should they manage the passwords at work or not. If your cybersecurity program has not been updated in a year, then you should do it by all means.

  1. There are many cybersecurity issues to address

If your company had an external review from a consultant, that provides you a valuable chance to improve. It may not seem great to have a third party tell you about your security issues, but know that external assessment gives you credibility to request budget, personnel and other resources to have a closure on those findings.

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