The Importance of Thermal Altitude Testing for Aerospace Components

Before aircraft and space vehicles can take flight, extensive testing and evaluations are conducted to ensure that all the onboard components and systems can withstand the harsh environmental conditions encountered at high altitudes. Thermal altitude testing is one such assessment that is crucial for evaluating flight hardware.

During thermal altitude testing, the equipment is placed inside an altitude chamber and exposed to the extreme conditions found at high altitudes. The chamber is designed to precisely replicate the atmospheric conditions that the equipment will face during flight. It has an efficient airflow system that regulates temperature, as well as automatic controls for vacuum and vent valves. The equipment’s response to these conditions is then measured against specific criteria and product requirements.

For additional information on the importance of thermal altitude testing, please refer to the accompanying resource. 

  The Importance of Thermal Altitude Testing from Marotta Controls, an aerospace controls systems company

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