Which Is the More Trusted Form of TV Service – Cable TV or Satellite TV?

There is seen a constant battle between Satellite TV, and Cable Television services. However, it is hard to decide who the winner is. There are some important factors such as installation, equipment, and price, that will help you decide which one is superior to the other.

In this article, we will analyze both these technologies at these factors, to help you form the right decision for yourself.


Cable provides a high level of flexibility and less equipment requirement for the installation. Its installation comprises of a coax cable, set-top box, and single outlet. Satellite providers need to get a dish installed on the rooftop of the house.

It has to be set up in the proper direction and should be free of debris. The cable is simpler to set up and also has a negligible technical issue that you can experience throughout its lifespan.

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As the dish is located outside the house, are exposed to winds, rain, dust, intense sunlight, etc. there are more chances for it to get damaged in inferior weather conditions.


Satellite offers better pricing packages per month as compared to cable. Furthermore, satellite HD reception provides better sound and picture quality to viewers.

High definition

Satellite provides high definition and a broad selection of national High Definition channels. On the other hand, the cable provides a better selection of local HD programming. If you want to access popular channels in their best quality, then you should definitely opt for satellite TV.

A majority of satellite TV firms are enticing consumers daily with sporting events, news and movies, from all parts of the world and promises outstanding sound, and picture quality to people.

Customer satisfaction

Both cable TV and satellite TV have served their customers well. So, there is a tie between them in this regard.


The cable is the best deal for urban people, and satellite television is designed for rural customers. Cable offers greater flexibility to users and needless equipment for installation.

However, for people who live in rural areas with no access to cable television, the satellite is the best option for them. Furthermore, satellite TV is available nationwide, so even if you change your city even then your service will remain intact.

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