2 Top Online Reputation Issues to be Wary of

  1. Bad reviews

Bad reviews on Google and Facebook can cost your business a fortune every year. This is because customers blindly trust online reviews for learning more about the products and services before entering into a transaction. What is even worse is that most of the consumers cannot understand the distinction between the genuine negative feedback and the false one star reviews. But you don’t need to panic at all. A reputation management service can assist you with the review management to keep you at a safer side.

  1. Competitor comparisons

Customers do a lot of due diligence before they make the transaction. Moreover, the comparison articles have a huge impact on this very decision they are about to make on making the final purchase. Unluckily, thousands of product comparison websites are the affiliates with one of the products they tend to compare. What is even worse is that many of the websites are owned by the same parent company itself. Consecutively, what seems like many exceptional perspectives could just merely be paid advertising based on a single biased voice. To know more issues about the same, visit the website.

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