This innovative bits pilani startup enables you to “talk to” products and businesses

Rblend – a startup founded by bits pilani alumni is taking brand personification and storytelling to new dimensions.

Imagine buying a product / going to a shop and being able to virtually talk to the product and know about its features and benefits. Rblend enables you to do just that through their product companion apps.

“Our solution enables businesses and brands to add stories to their products and convey them beautifully in a conversational manner. In other words, we can “storify” a product and convey those stories beautifully through product companion apps. We are also adding an element of fun to it. Customers can also expect to receive 360-degree product support through these product companion apps. – ” said George, founder of rblend.

For example, You may be buying a cosmetic product. Now you can talk to your product through the product companion app and know about its benefits, ingredients, fun ways to use the product, etc. The beautiful part is these will be conveyed through engaging stories.

Rblend also aims to take reality blending and conversational storytelling to other areas including awareness campaigns.

It will be interesting to see how reality blending and conversational storytelling can be used for awareness campaigns and help fight pollution, climate change ,etc.

We are looking forward to seeing their amazing story as their journey continues.

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